X-Ray Protection

'Over Table' Mobile Shield

A height adjustable over-table mobile X-Ray shield with patient cutout.

'See Through' Mobile Shield

A protective mobile X-Ray shield with a clear and height adjustable upper panel.

Flexible Mobile Shield

A compact shield of twin overlapping panels with height adjustment

Gonad 'T' Shields

Lead shielding encased in a moulded gray plastic cover.

Lead Apron Weight Adjustment Belt

For use with double sided aprons or as a separate support belt.

Lead Protective Aprons

X-ray protective aprons

Lead Protective Glasses

All frames have side protection and are supplied with ties.

Lead Rubber Gloves

a range of seamless lead rubber X-ray gloves

Lead Vinyl Sheeting

PVC coated with wipe clean finish on both sides.

Lower Back Shields

Flexible PVC covered shields with adjustable Velcro belt fastening.

Ovarian Shields

High quality Mavig range with adjustable 'fan' design.

Thyroid "D" Shields

Flexible shields with Velcro collar fastening.

Waistcoat & Kilt Lead Aprons

Standard lead and lead free/low weight personal protection garments.