X-Ray Accessories

Hand Magnifying Glass

A range of standard hand held magnifiers.

Iris 100 CWS Spotlamps

For a better evaluation of over-exposed radiographs.

Magnifier for Radiologists

A superior lens with ergonomic handle, specifically designed for Mammography.

Mobile Cassette Holder

Highly versatile X-Ray cassette holders, particularly useful in A&E X-Ray departments.

Poole Leg Support

Enables a patients leg to be raised securely allowing "shoot-through" radiographs of the other hip or leg.

Portable Cassette Holder

Model 1304/D for use with trolleys and tables.

Portables Cassette Trolley

Two compartments and recessed wheels, for storage of up to 10 cassettes.

X-Ray Film / Accessories Trolley

A three shelf film filing trolley that holds three film sized containers, ideal for film reporting purposes or alternatively for accessories.