Gamma Cameras

Cardius® X-ACT - Fully Integrated SPECT and VCT Imaging System

A fully integrated SPECT.VCT approach that offers superb quality, high speed and unmatched clinical precision.

DROSEM Reconstruction Software

The DROSEM reconstruction algorithm allows a refine model of the real SPECT image, taking into account depth dependent detector response and attenuation correction.

ECAM® - Scintron®

A dual head gamma camera system designed for SPECT, whole body and planar imaging.

ERGO - Solid-State General Purpose Imaging System

A large field of view camera that provides unprecedented image quality and unparalleled clinical flexibility both in the department and on the ward.

MiE Scintron Software

All MiE gamma cameras are linked to a Scintron® 7 workstation for data acquisition, image processing and display and data archive.


3D-OSEM rapid image acquisition – clearer images in less time.

Picola - Scintron®

A compact SFOV gamma camera system with optimal image resolution and minimum space requirements.

SeeQuanta™ Software with TruACQ

Revolutionary nuclear medicine acquisition software with heavy emphasis on nuclear cardiology.

Syngula - Scintron®

Versatile for high quality static, dynamic and gated studies on sitting and lying patients with minimum space requirements.