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Back in the frame

Knight Imaging is once again flying its own flag, this time as part of the LabLogic Systems group.

Since the merger with Southern Scientific over 15 years ago, Knight Imaging has retained its strong presence and excellent reputation in the medical imaging market. However, following the acquisition of Southern Scientific by LabLogic Systems it seemed that the time was now right for Knight Imaging to assume its own individual identity once more.

The company will continue to develop and sell its extensive range of Ultrasound couches, patient chairs and X-ray imaging accessories as it has done successfully since 1981. Certainly customers both past and present will continue to enjoy the excellent level of service and product quality that they have come to expect from Knight Imaging over the years.

Company History

Founded in 1981 by Anthony Knight in Worthing, West Sussex as 'Knight X-ray Cassette Services,' Knight Imaging originally offered an X-ray Cassette repair and replacement service. By 1985 the company had become Knight X-ray and had begun to design and sell Lead Aprons and Ultrasound Couches to hospitals around the UK. The business grew and developed, and in 1995 a merger with the successful Nuclear and Optical Product import company Southern Scientific created the name Knight Imaging.

We have continued to sell Ultrasound Couches, developing ever more versatile, motorised models, as well as supplying X-Ray accessories, such as Lead Aprons and protective wear, and developing the popular SIGMA motorised patient chairs.

LabLogic Systems

In September 2011 Southern Scientific was acquired by LabLogic Systems and Anthony Knight retired from the company. LabLogic Systems was founded in 1980 by John Clapham as a supplier of radio TLC and HPLC instruments and associated software and has gone on to develop many products of its own, notably the Debra LIMS for ADME studies and Laura software package for chromatography data capture and analysis.

Quality Assurance

Knight Imaging is an ISO-9001 company, and all of our products are CE marked.

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