Our latest arrival

25 July 2013

Multi-Purpose Examination Table

Knight Imaging is pleased to announce a new addition to their product portfolio.

Designed and manufactured by Grouleff, a leading supplier of innovative patient handling systems, the Grouleff mobile examination and X-ray table is a highly versatile platformsuitable for a range of medical procedures.

Available in motorised or manually operated versions, with fine adjustment of height and position, the table is ideal for complete whole body X-rays and scans as well as general examination, colonoscopy, pain clinics and radiology.

Battery operated the table is completely self-contained, with no trailing wires to cause potential trip hazards. It also has a smooth, floating table top which is X-ray transparent, making it a perfect platform for undertaking scans.

For more details about this exciting new product, please call our office on 0114 267 0482.