Sitting comfortably - the Cardiff Chair makes light work for both patients and mammography staff

8 October 2014

The Nightingale Center and Genesis Cancer Prevention Center, at University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust in Wythenshawe, recently took delivery of one of Knight Imaging’s new Cardiff Chairs - a purpose built adjustable chair which is designed for use in breast imaging, mammography and for stereotactic procedures.

Providing a base for one of the most ambitious breast cancer research programmes in Europe, the center offers state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment services to women and men with breast cancer and co-ordinates the NHS breast-screening programme for the Greater Manchester area.

When the center required a new biopsy chair, they were looking for a product that could perform a multitude of tasks, hoping to make the range of procedures required easier to manage for both patients and medical staff. Lead Radiographer and Programme Manager Claire Mercer explains why it is so important in their line of work: “When positioning clients for interventional breast procedures it is essential that they are in as comfortable position as possible to enable accurate targeting of lesions for effective and accurate diagnosis. Purchasing a chair to suit all our requirements was essential to ensure the safety and comfort of our patients and staff as well as allowing an efficient patient pathway for these procedures.”

Developed by Knight Imaging in association with Breast Test Wales, the Cardiff Chair offers all these attributes and more besides, which made it the ideal choice for Claire’s department. “The Cardiff chair is lightweight to ensure ease of manoeuvrability and the drop arm facility, adjustable height settings and the ability to lie the patient down if required offer additional benefits for patients during interventional procedures,” said Claire.

Pleased with the department’s purchase, Claire and her team were equally pleased with the service provided by Knight Imaging throughout. “Knight Imaging has been extremely supportive during the process,” she said. “They provided me with all the information I required in a timely manner and were able to offer us several 'trials' of their breast imaging chair. Their professional approach has enabled our service to purchase a new imaging chair to enable our patients to have as comfortable experience as possible when they are having their biopsy.”