Knight Imaging stock range of X-Ray equipment to suit individual department needs. These include imaging tables, QA meters, phantoms, and personal X-Ray protection and accessories.

Lead Apron Storage

Knight Imaging offer different solutions for storing your Lead Aprons for safety and ease of access. We provide both lead and lead-free options depending on individual departmental needs. We stock the Lead Apron Wall Rack and self-standing Mobile Swivel Arm Apron Rack.

X-Ray Grids

Knight Imaging offer imaging accessories for X-Ray procedures that come in a range of sizes and specifications. Our range comprises of X-Ray Grids and Grid Covers.

X-Ray Accessories

Knight Imaging offers a broad range of X-Ray accessories to suit individual organizational needs. Our solutions cover accessories to help assist operators and patients, with Cabinet Trolley storage and Poole Leg Support being examples of our offering. 

Imaging Tables

Knight Imaging offers Imaging Tables in different specifications to meet individual department needs. Our imaging tables have height adjustment and feature lockable castors to ensure easy manoeuvring of patients. We supply the G4000 C-Arm Imaging Table, Multi-examination Imaging Table, and the Powerflex 1 & Powerflex Duo C-Arm Imaging table.


We offer a number of phantoms that assist in the X-Ray quality assurance process. Our range of phantoms is ideally suited to the routine quality assurance of CT scanners. We offer a number of models such as Catphan Phantoms, Magphan Phantoms and PIXY Anthropomorphic Phantoms.

X-Ray QA Meters

Our meters are designed for accurate and efficient quality assurance of X-Ray equipment. We supply the Cobia Flex and Cobra Smart R/F - kv & Dose meter.