Making light work of breast screening at Kingston Hospital

18 May 2016

The breast screening service at Kingston Hospital recently took delivery of a new Cardiff Chair to replace one of their older patient chairs which was no longer serviceable.

Developed by Knight Imaging in association with Breast Test Wales, the Cardiff Chair is a mobile, versatile, space saving innovation specially designed for use in Breast Imaging and Mammography departments. Used for both mammography patient positioning and during biopsy studies, the Cardiff Chair allows pre-induction, transport, treatment, stereotactic procedures, and recovery to be performed on the same unit. Thus improving case turn-around times and helping streamline patient care.

Janice Fuller, Specialist Radiographer for Breast Imaging at Kingston Hospital is very happy with the department’s latest acquisition. She says: “Our previous chair was rather heavy and difficult to operate, so we were seeking one that was more ergonomic. The Cardiff Chair looked ideal for the task and so it proved. It’s light and manoeuvrable which helps our team position patients with ease. Suffice to say the new chair has made our working lives a whole lot easier.”