A vascular ultrasound couch with automatic tilt and motor override

11 October 2023

The Autotilt DOPPLER PRO has been designed to meet UK standards for Syncope testing

The Autotilt DOPPLER PRO vascular ultrasound couch features an automatic tilt mechanism, smoothly transitioning from a horizontal to a vertical position in just 15 seconds. This is made possible by the integrated control box that accurately determines the necessary height for achieving a complete table tilt.

The DOPPLER PRO also features a tilt motor override feature. When engaged, it enables swift lowering of the patient to a horizontal orientation in approximately 2 seconds, accompanied by a gentle stop mechanism for patient comfort. This feature allows the tilt table to align with recent standards for Syncope testing within the UK.

Real-time monitoring and position memory

The couch’s digital display handset displays the table's height in centimetres and tilt angle in degrees for accurate positioning. Additionally, it incorporates a smart memory storage feature that enables users to save and recall specific positions for recurring treatments. If required, the handset can be equipped with a CPR function, allowing swift activation to reset the table to a horizontal position at an appropriate height for initiating chest compressions.

Additionally, the DOPPLER PRO has been designed with clinical safety and hygiene in mind. Two stainless-steel bars running along the couch offer the flexibility to attach lateral supports at various heights, providing an extra support as needed. The table's surface is finished with upholstery made from recycled ABS for effective cleaning after each use.

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