The Autotilt DOPPLER PRO Vascular Ultrasound Couch with emergency override. 

The Autotilt DOPPLER PRO has been designed and developed with medical professionals to meet requirements of syncope testing. The Emergency Override allows the clinician to return the patient to horizontal immediately, for situations such as fainting or cardiac arrest. A digital display handset is included as standard, giving live feedback of the height and angle that the table is adjusted to.

  • Safe working load and lifting capacity of 225 kg (495 lbs).
  • Electric height elevation from 49 cm to 103 cm.
  • Electric tilt from 0° to 90° in only 15 seconds.
  • Emergency Override to return patient to horizontal.
  • Harness set, handgrips and worktable included as standard.
  • 70 cm wide Easy Clean Upholstery fitted as standard.
  • Digital Display Handset shows live feedback of height (cm) and tilt angle of the table.
  • Memory function with 3 programmable positions.
  • Purpose made precision bearings on all pivot points.
  • Available in either single or divided leg design.
  • Clearance beneath frame for mobile hoist.
  • 150 mm central locking castors with steering facility.
  • Anti-bacterial powder coated frame.
  • Full length accessory fitting bar for optional lateral supports.
  • Lowers to wheelchair height.
  • Allows clearance for hoist.
  • Easily adjustable patient side grab handles, which can be removed quickly.
  • Available in a range of upholstery colors.

Emergency Override

This new intelligent design allows a gas-assisted override to the tilt motor, where once activated, the clinician is able to pull the table down back to horizontal in a matter of seconds. This feature ensures the tilt table meets the latest standards for syncope testing in the UK, and is a highly-requested feature across the global healthcare market.

15 Second Intelligent Motors

The Autotilt Doppler is able to tilt from horizontal to vertical in only 15 seconds, with a soft-stop for patient safety and security. With intelligent software built-in to the control box, the table is able to identify the required height in order to fully tilt the table. This function is automatic and will carry out the necessary height or tilt adjustment whilst the same button is being pressed.

Digital Display Handset

The Digital Display Handset is included as standard. This intelligent handset gives live feedback of the height (cm) and tilt (degrees) of the table. The handset also has features such as Memory Store, where positions can be stored and returned to for repeated treatments. There is also a CPR function, which can be pressed and held to return the table to horizontal and to a suitable height to begin chest compressions.

Large Mobile Wheel Design

The new Large Mobile Wheel Design features 150 mm castors with pedals which are easier than ever to activate. There are three locking modes - free roam, directional lock for steering and full lock. For serviceability, the one directional locking castor is marked with a yellow pedal sticker.

Memory Store Facility

There are three separate programmable memory positions, stored and managed by the Digital Display Handset. Press and hold the M1, M2 or M3 button to position the table to the saved prole.

Easy Clean Upholstery

The table is finished with 70 cm width Easy Clean Upholstery, which hides all visible staples and provides a large wipeable surface made from recycled ABS. This new method of upholstery will not fray, like traditional materials such as hessian would.

Full Length Lateral Support Fixing Bars

Two full length stainless steel bars on either side of the table allow optional lateral supports to be mounted at any height. These bars are also fixing points for the standard accessories, such as the worktable, hand grips and harnesses.


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