NEW Autotilt DOPPLER PRO Vascular Ultrasound Couch

10 March 2022

Designed in partnership with medical professionals

Specially designed for vascular ultrasound, the motorised Autotilt DOPPLER PRO offers an enhanced specification to improve the ergonomics for both patients and operators. The ability to position the patient at a higher level allows the operator more flexibility and ease of lower limb access.

Syncope tested

The Autotilt DOPPLER PRO’s new intelligent design includes a gas-assisted emergency override that allows the clinician to be able to position the couch back to horizontal in approximately 2 seconds, with a soft stop included for patient comfort. The tilt table meets the latest standards for syncope testing in the UK and includes common universal features.

Intelligent software

With intelligent software built-in to the Autotilt’s control box, day-to-day operation is made easy with the table’s ability to independently identify the required height needed to fully tilt the table. A memory store is also included, meaning positions can be stored and returned for repeated treatments including a CPR function. All these functions are displayed through chair’s Digital Display Handset, which is also included as standard, providing a live feedback of the height and tilt of the table.

Patient and operator safety

The Autotilt DOPPLER PRO also includes two full-length stainless-steel bars on either side of the table, which provides optional lateral support at any height, with the bars also being fixed for standard accessories, such as the worktable, hand grips, and harnesses. The table is finished with Easy Clean Upholstery, which hides all visible staples and provides a large wipeable surface made from recycled ABS. This new method of upholstery will not fray, like traditional materials such as hessian would.

Find out more

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