Echocardiography couches for investigative cardiac observations

14 February 2024

Autotilt ECHO Echocardiography Couch

The Autotilt ECHO is suitable for transoesophageal echocardiograms and other related procedures

Designed for investigative cardiac procedures and observations, the Autotilt ECHO echocardiography couch has motorised positioning for height, backrest, and Trendelenburg positioning, allowing patients to be comfortably examined. The motorised backrest facilitates accessibility for transoesophageal echocardiogram transducer procedures.

Easily manoeuvrable, the couch is comfortable for patients, and is upholstered in durable anti-bacterial material that is easily cleaned, which aids hospital wards in managing infection control. The ECHO includes a stool and integral footrest with manual adjustment, allowing staff to scan using a transducer without restrictions.

Key features

  • Motorised height, backrest, and Trendelenburg positioning.
  • Maximum weight 240 kg.
  • Height range 50 – 103 cm.
  • Available with either retractable wheels or large castor wheels with central locking.
  • Includes patient handgrip and side support.
  • Anti-bacterial upholstery.

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