Put your patients on the road to recovery with the SIGMA range of chairs

13 June 2013

Knight Imaging's SIGMA range of chairs are ideal for enabling staff to move a patient out of bed at the earliest opportunity in order to aid recovery.

Fitted with powered controls to allow for easier movement and optimum patient positioning, these chairs also feature a unique 'Quick Release' option, giving the operator complete peace of mind knowing that they can bring a patient to a horizontal position in under 3 seconds if required.

The SIGMA range of Bariatric suitable chairs, being both motorised and multi-featured, allow for a broad range of uses within various diverse departments, from A&E to ICU. This combined with a high level of manoeuvrability make them a proven clinical asset for health care professionals.

For an on-site demonstration of the SIGMA's capabilities please call the Knight Imaging office on 0114 267 0482 or e-mail sales@knightimaging.co.uk