Autotilt SIGMA 250 Critical Care Chair

This intermediate Autotilt SIGMA 250 features a wider seat (74 cm) for the comfort of the larger patient.

The Autotilt SIGMA 250 is ideal for enabling the staff to move a patient out of bed at the earliest opportunity to aid recovery. From the operator's perspective, the powered controls make for easier movement and optimum patient positioning.

Also, the unique 'Quick Release' option gives staff the peace of mind that they can bring a patient to a horizontal position in under 3 seconds. The accessories available also offer a degree of flexibility in meeting patients requirements. 

This model also features an increased maximum patient weight capacity of 250 kgs / 39 stone.

Tilt in space

Whilst the Autotilt SIGMA 250 is in chair mode it is possible to tilt the seat +/- 10°. 

  • When tilted forward this allows the patient easy
    access to the chair from standing.
  • Whilst tilted back the patient's weight is balanced and
    a safe, comfortable seating position is achieved.

Quick Release

The Autotilt SIGMA 250 unique manual quick release facility allows horizontal positioning in just 3 seconds. A handle at the the top of the backrest is simply squeezed to lower it to horizontal in an emergency situation.

Autotilt SIGMA 250 critical care chair features

  • Motorised chair and trolley modes.
  • Trendelenburg tilting +/- 10°
  • Anti-bacterial upholstery and paintwork.
  • Easily removable snaplock safety belt.
  • Castors can be set to steer front or rear, free movement,
    or locked in lateral pairs.
  • Available in a range of upholstery colors.

Autotilt SIGMA 250 critical care chair specifications

Maximum weight capacity: 250kgs / 39 stone

Chair width / depth (inside): 74 cm / 44 cm

Chair mode height range: 64 - 84 cm

Trolley mode height range: 82 - 103 cm


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