Motorised bariatric chairs for ITU/CCU units

14 November 2023

The Autotilt SIGMA range delivers comfort and usability for both staff and patients in critical care

The SIGMA chairs have been designed specifically for ITU/CCU and allows patients to be comfortably moved to and from beds. There are 3 models available: the 135, 250, and 300, each corresponding to a category of patient weight.

The SIGMA can be positioned as a chair or aligned as a trolley using the battery-powered motorised controls, making it easier for staff to operate. Patients can be returned from a seating position to horizontal quickly. In chair mode, it has a Trendelenburg tilt range of +/- 10°, enabling easy access for patients when tilted forward and a balanced and secure seating position when tilted back.

Key features

  • Motorised chair and trolley modes.
  • Chair to trolley in seconds with Quick Release lever.
  • Trendelenburg tilting +/- 10°
  • Anti-bacterial upholstery and paintwork.
  • Easily removable snaplock safety belt.
  • Castors can be set to steer front or rear, free movement, or locked in lateral pairs.
  • Adjustable and removable arms.

Find out more

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