Artefact-free imaging tables for C-Arm X-rays

13 December 2023

Knight Imaging’s series of diagnostic imaging tables allow C-Arms to be easily moved into position

Knight Imaging’s series of C-Arm diagnostic imaging tables have been specifically developed for X-ray applications. Available in 3 models, the tables provide an artefact-free imaging platform with a low height for easier accessibility for patients with mobility challenges.

G6000 C-Arm imaging table

Portable and without trip risks, the G6000 is motorised and battery-powered with a height range from 65 cm to 105cm. It can be plugged in as a back-up if needed and has a weight capacity up to 250 kg.

Powerflex C-Arm imaging tables

The Powerflex 1 and Powerflex Duo has no longitudinal brace at the front of the leg frame, allowing C-Arms to be easily positioned. The Powerflex 1 features electric height adjustment while the Duo has both height and tilt adjustment.

Common features of both Powerflexes include:

  • Radiolucent table surface.
  • Levelling feet for improved stability.
  • Dual electric anodized light alloy lifting columns controlled by low-voltage, quiet electric motors.
  • Weight capacity up to 150 kg.
  • Height range from 65 cm to 80 cm.

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