Powerflex 1 and Powerflex Duo C-Arm Imaging Range

This range has been specifically developed for use in the X-ray field of application and has no longitudinal brace at the front of the leg frame, allowing the free positioning of a C-arm.

The Powerflex 1 and Powerflex Duo C-Arm Imaging Range is available with battery power.

Powerflex 1

Powerflex 1

Electric height adjustment

Powerflex Duo

Powerflex Duo

Powerflex Duo imaging table features electric height and tilt adjustment.


Features for Powerflex 1 and Powerflex Duo C-Arm Imaging Range

  • The radiolucent table surface has a thickness of 15 mm (for table width 650 mm) or 25 mm (for table width 800 mm).
  • The X-ray tables are equipped with levelling feet under the leg frame for an enhanced level of stability.
  • The size of the area without any metal parts is at least 1300x600 mm (LxW) between the drives. 
  • The X-ray tables feature dual electric anodized light alloy lifting columns controlled by low-voltage, ultra-quiet electric motors and a hand switch. Drive specifications for each motor unit: 230V, 50/60Hz, 6,0A, 240W, IPX6, v=16mm/s, 2x1000N.


To provide additional comfort for the patient while lying position, we recommend the optional 40 mm-thick upholstered pads.

  • Infusion (IV) Pole    
  • Side safety rail 
  • Armrest/Arm support

Stainless steel standard rails (set of two, 25x10mm LxW, with spacers) are available in different lengths :  

  • Standard rails, length 400 mm
  • Standard rails, length 600 mm
  • Standard rails, length 1000 mm
  • Standard rails, length 1400 mm
  • Standard rails, length 1700 mm

The position of the standard rail on the table frame (whether at the head, feet or in the middle), should be specified at time of order.

Powerflex 1 and Powerflex Duo C-Arm Imaging Range Specifications

  • Height adjustment mechanism - Electric motors, with hand switch, 2 buttons (up/down)
  • Height adjustment range 550 - 800 mm 
  • Widths - 650 mm / 800 mm
  • Length - 1900 mm
  • One-piece or two-piece tabletop
  • Maximum load - 150 kg
  • Product weight - 90 kg


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