A&E patient trollies for acute healthcare departments

9 January 2024

The Largo range of patient trolleys are designed for examinations, resuscitations, and full X-rays

Available in two models, the Largo A&E and Largo Patient, each one includes the 100mm LargoFlex pressure-reducing mattress as standard for improved patient comfort. The Largo A&E also has an accessible full-length X-ray cassette platform for patient imaging.

Key features

  • Fifth wheel steering for improved manoeuvrability.
  • Trendelenberg and reverse Trendelenberg tilt.
  • Fully adjustable backrest to almost 90° with easily accessible release lever.
  • Maximum load of 250 kg.
  • Anti-bacterial wipe-clean base cover.
  • Push and pull transport handle.
  • Integral storage for patient personal belongings.
  • Fold-down safety side rails.

A mattress designed to relieve patient pressure

The LargoFlex patient trolley mattress has X-ray translucency and is compatible with CPR. Specifically crafted to relieve pressure for patients, the 100mm mattress features a grip lock and an anti-slip base. It includes an antimicrobial cover that is both vapor-permeable and water-resistant.

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