The Largo A & E Trolley has been designed for patient transport, examination, full X-ray and resuscitation within a variety of acute healthcare departments.

This trolley incorporates an easily accessible full-length X-ray cassette platform and has a fifth wheel for improved manoeuvrability. It also includes fold-down side rails and an integral storage facility for patient belongings to make patient care as seamless as possible. 

Largo A&E Trolley features

  • Dual-sided foot pedals for controlling height adjustment.
  • Trendelenberg and reverse trendelenberg tilt.
  • Fully adjustable backrest to almost 90° with easily accessible release lever.
  • Deluxe 100 mm mattress with pressure reducing design.
  • Integral IV pole with storage included.
  • Anti-bacterial wipe-clean base cover.
  • Push and pull transport handle.
  • Safe working load of 250 kg as standard.

Largo A&E Trolley specifications

Height Range  58 cm to 91 cm
Trendelenberg Tilt  -16°
Reverse Trendelenberg Tilt  +16°
Dual Powered Gas Strut Assisted Backrest  Horizontal 0° to 90°
Safe Working Load  250 kg
Integral Oxygen Cylinder Storage  Can accommodate up to size F O2 cylinders
Central Wheel Braking System  200 mm castor
5th Wheel Steering System  125 mm castor
Dimensions  77 cm x 208 cm


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