Multi-Purpose Examination Table

Ideal for use in endoscopy, colonoscopy, radiology and pain clinics, the Multi-Purpose Examination Table is fully portable and has a no trip risk. The examination table features a floating X-ray transparent tabletop with electromagnetic locks and motorised height adjustment from 60 cm to 85 cm.


  • Battery-powered.
  • Motorised ± 10° Trendelenburg.
  • Flexible control panel on side rail. 
  • Additional back-up battery with a wall charger. 
  • Weight capacity of up to 250 kg.

Available with a number of optional fittings 

  • Carbon fibre tabletop.
  • Side rails.
  • Drip stand.
  • Mattress.
  • Positioning handles

Multi-Purpose Examination Table Specifications

Description Dimensions
Tabletop 200 cm long x 80 cm wide
Tabletop longitudinal movement ± 37 cm with magnet brake
Tabletop transversal movement ± 15 cm with magnet brake
X-ray transparent tabletop area 197 cm x 64 cm
Distance between columns 118 cm
Weight of table 135 kg
Weight capacity 250 kg


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Multi-Purpose Examination Table