Cardiff Chair News

The Specialist Mammography Chair

3 December 2021

Find out more about the Cardiff Chair developed for breast imaging, biopsy, and stereotactic procedures, Click to find out..

Receive bulk purchase discounts for medical furniture

15 October 2020

Don't miss out on bulk purchase discounts when placing large orders with Knight Imaging. 

The Cardiff Chair puts patients at ease at Musgrove Park Hospital

21 April 2020

Click to find out more about our custom-made pink Cardiff Chair for the Breast Care Center at Musgrove Park Hospital. 

Upholstery service for couches and medical furniture

6 April 2020

Did you know we repair torn upholstery? Click to find out more.

January offers on medical furniture

9 January 2020

Throughout January, Knight Imaging is offering savings to both NHS locations and private healthcare across our medical furniture range, including the  Autotilt Delta 2,  Autotilt KIMAC and the  Cardiff Chair.

The Royal Victoria Infirmary Newcastle chooses the Cardiff Chair

22 August 2018

Click to find out what the Breast Screening and Assessment Unit at The Royal Victoria Infirmary Newcastle said about their new Cardiff Chair. 

Introducing the new Autotilt Kimac

14 May 2018

Developed specifically with ITU Physiotherapy in mind, the new Autotilt Kimac Critical Care Chair is Knight Imaging’s latest addition to its range of battery powered patient chairs.

Upholstery Service

4 October 2017

Knight Imaging provide a replacement pad service for damaged or worn out pad sections on both products from our range as well as other brands.

Enhancing patient mobility at hospitals and medical centers across the country

26 August 2016

Knight Imaging’s range of specialist patient chairs are now being used in medical departments across the country. Indeed, recent sales have seen the popular Autotilt Sigma and the new Cardiff Chair acquired by Trusts in Scotland, the East Midlands and along the South Coast.

A huge success - the Cardiff Chair makes the grade at Castle Hill Hospital's Breast Care Unit

13 June 2016

The breast care unit at Castle Hill Hospital in Hull recently took delivery of a new Cardiff Chair following a successful two week trial.

Making light work of breast screening at Kingston Hospital

18 May 2016

The breast screening service at Kingston Hospital recently took delivery of a new Cardiff Chair to replace one of their older patient chairs which was no longer serviceable.

Sitting comfortably - the Cardiff Chair makes light work for both patients and mammography staff

8 October 2014

The Nightingale Center and Genesis Cancer Prevention Center, at University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust in Wythenshawe, recently took delivery of one of Knight Imaging’s new Cardiff Chairs - a purpose built adjustable chair which is designed for use in breast imaging, mammography and for stereotactic procedures.

The Cardiff Chair - the patient positioning solution for breast imaging and mammography

1 May 2014

Developed in association with Breast Test Wales, the Cardiff Chair is a mobile, versatile, space saving innovation specially designed for use in breast imaging and mammography departments.

We'll put your patient handling equipment through its paces

5 March 2013

Knight Imaging provides service and support on all types of patient handling equipment including ultrasound couches, mammography chairs, imaging tables and associated accessories, both Knight Imaging branded and those of other companies.